This week was the continuation of our performative design workshop with Amanda Parkes (ITP) and David Gauthier. Being completely out of my comfort zone with a highly conceptual brief and entirely new design context, it was exhausting.

No progress on concept development, no closer to hammering that context out. I’ve considered the advice of CIID faculty to pursue the goal of enhancing high school science education and see it as a good backup plan. If I can’t find something more inspiring or interesting I’ll go with it.

This coming two weeks is a workshop I’ve very much been looking forward to, “Systems and Layers” with Adam Greenfield and Mayo Nissen. I hope to get at least a little work done outside school hours towards exploring “water” as a starting point for some work.

During the week the Science Gallery in Dublin made a call for work on the topic of “The Future of Water” for exhibition September to December. Unfortunately the timing is terrible for my schedule, but that appears to be the way of things for me this year. Despite this, it’s encouraging to see the topic appear as a real opportunity in the real world. Gives a little credibility to my instinct for exploration of the subject.