This week took us to CPH airport on our Service Design course. The week flew past and a lot of interesting observations have been made thanks to are almost limitless access at the airport. Service Design is a really interesting topic, not too far removed from the kind of thinking we were doing during Systems/Layers with Adam & Mayo before the summer break. The context, Denmark’s largest airport, lends itself to thinking on an almost urban scale too.

As for the final project effort/thoughts, I’ve been defining a new idea and thinking of turfing out the old “directions”. As mentioned last week, this is still very much in a state of flux. A conversation with CIID Pilot Year supremo Kevin Cannon during the week helped me identify exactly what it is about Second Level Science Education that bothered me as a context. The context presents a much too clearly defined problem set, which will allow me to default to my old solution-driven way of thinking. I don’t want to spend three months “fixing” something. I’d prefer to ask a question, make someone laugh or create an outright spectacle.

I’ll (hopefully) be getting paid to solve problems for many years to come. In the coming months I’d like to create a problem, or something equally as provocative.