Week three brought Adam Greenfield and Mayo Nissen of Urbanscale┬áto CIID to teach “Systems/Layers”. I felt a certain caution┬áduring my mid-term reflection, caution that I would tie a context down before this, one of the workshops I’ve been most excited about. The first week was captivating, exciting and inspiring – everything I could have hoped for.

Final project focus, has therefore slipped below the radar briefly. I’ve already got guilt, so don’t rub it in if you do read this. I did, however, receive two packets of original Blu-Tack in the post from the UK during the week. Moodboards@home is a project that’s almost ready to go. Post-its and blu-tack are ready, all I need now are printouts and sketches!

Preparation has already begun for a trip home to Dublin next week, which presents an opportunity to do a little relaxing, networking and research into the potential for work in the hardware side of high-school physics education. I’m hoping to make at least one appointment during my home stay to look into this.

Speaking of Dublin, today I got news of fellow adventurer in IxD, specifically service design Robert Harte, who’s taking steps towards further development his www.vevents.org events management website. He’s got some innovative tricks up his sleeve, I’m looking forward to hearing more good news from home sweet home as more people like him buck the economic trend.

Next week: Moodboards@Home, end of a term, further adventures in urban space.