Commissioned by Dublin City Council and produced by Noho, “MyCity” is an interactive exhibition giving the public access to information about the ongoing work of their city council.

The exhibition included eight interactive video kiosks, developed in Flash and SWF Studio. All exhibits were networked and six included a feature to allow the public record video feedback via webcam for use by the council and in the exhibition.Six screens explore the six developmental themes used by the City Council in planning the future of Dublin City. Environment, Transport, People, Public Spaces, Culture and Enterprise are each explained by a collection of seven video shorts.

Six of these shorts are divided into two parts in order to accommodate users who want to dip into small parts of the content. Some text/photo based info is made available also.Two other screens serve to introduce the exhibition, and provide a tour of the 3D model of Dublin City created specifically for the purpose of the exhibition.

The 3D model illustrates some of the most exciting features of Dublin today as well as some future developments.When a user has watched a single video short to completion on any of the kiosks, a gallery of public feedback videos is presented. Here, visitors can find out what other visitors have thought of a particular item, or of the exhibition as a whole.

The opportunity is also provided for each visitor to quickly record one minute of video feedback of their own.Video feedback is stored in a central database where a custom built tool allows staff to moderate and publish clips to the exhibition gallery. All the content in the exhibition is easily manageable using a simple XML file.

Since the launch of the exhibition in November 2009 some of the hardware has already been repurposed quickly and easily to present different videos.